In a world where crypto soared and dived,
Lived a man named Sam, on fortunes he thrived.
With FTX as his golden goose,
He promised the moon, but let chaos loose.

"Buy and hold!" he'd fervently preach,
As FTT tokens expanded their reach.
But alas, his castle built on digital sand,
Crumbled away, not quite as planned.

Now Sam's new abode, with walls so tight,
Offers no blockchain to trade in sight.
His cellmate asks, "What's the deal with this token?"
Sam sighs, "A tale of promises broken."

Gone are the days of luxury and fame,
Now he's just a player in the prison's card game.
"Got a 'Life Sentence' card?" they jest and tease,
"No," Sam laments, "Just 'FTX Freeze'."

So here ends the saga of a crypto knight,
Who promised the stars but fell out of sight.
Let this be a lesson, rich with finance lore,
In the game of crypto, always know the score.

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